Ajna in her Substantial Form.
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General information
Name meaning Hindi for "Command", or "Summoning"
Alias "The Glimmer in the Darkness" (by Led and Jackal)
Gender Unknown unknown, assumed female
Age unknown
Elemental power Foreshadowing, sheer strength
First appearance Chapter One, page thirty-three (Nebulous Form)

Chapter Three, page one-hundred-twenty-nine (Substantial Form)

Voiced by

Ajna, also titled The Glimmer in the Darkness, is the name of a mysterious entity that dwells the world of spirits and chakras. It is said to be related to the homonimous Chakra bearing the same name, and is thought to dwell in the wolf who bears said Chakra: C.Y.. Not much is known about Ajna: apparently, it is a very powerful being gifted with immense strength and fearsome to the sight. What is sure, is that C.Y. is not able to control this entity well, which often results in Ajna randomly going berserk if C.Y. happens to be in an emotional stress. This is also the reason why C.Y. fears her own Chakra: not being able to control it, the grey wolf is terrified that Ajna's fury may backfire, turning against her own friends. To avoid this, at the end of Chapter One, C.Y. swore to herself not to let Ajna out ever again. However, little did she know that she would not be able to use her foreshadowing powers either this way.


Nebulous FormEdit


Ajna's Nebulous Form appearance, with Steel passed out on the ground.

In her Nebulous Form, Ajna appears like a tall, faint glowing figure, with no defined shape borders, and with the shape of a wolf. She appears to be made out of purple/indigo smoke, that floats around the edges of her body in form of whiffs. The smoke is partially transparent, so C.Y.'s darker, solid shape can be seen beneath it. Ajna seems to have three glowing yellow eyes in this form, and when she opens her mouth, the smoke takes the shape of sharp fangs. Moreover, C.Y.'s hourglass pendant is still present while she is transformed. 

Substantial FormEdit


Ajna in her Substantial Form.

Ajna's Substantial form appears more defined than the Nebulous form. The body is solid with no fur showing. It is indigo with purple markings from the muzzle to the hips. There are additional purple markings that are like stripes on the three tails. It also has pink markings with two stripes starting below the shoulders. These markings run all the way to the tails, where they end to the purple markings. The indigo markings are also shown on the tips of the tails. Black markings are shown on Ajna's face, especially near the eyes. Like the Nebulous form, it shows three glowing, yellow eyes. The 'fur' ends appear solid and they curve upward. Additionally, seven glowing balls, each with a color corresponding to a Chakra, appear floating around the neck of Ajna.


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