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General information
Name meaning
Gender Male male
Age two years
Elemental power
First appearance Does not appear in Chakra, Battle Of The Titans
CAV, page thirty-six
Allies Motto, Chakra Heroes
Relatives Thunder (father),

Lydia (mother),
Djoleh (grandfather),
Furie (sister),
Charon (uncle),
Blitz (uncle).

Voiced by

Akota is a large, grey, green haired wolf. He is a cameo character for Chakra: Alternate Version by Gingacreator, created by Aspi-Galou on DeviantART, and he is an Arkhäan, a fictional canine breed invented by Aspi-Galou.


Akota by aspi galou-d7ywmkx

Akota ref

Akota is an average size for a basic Arkhaan wolf, close to doubling the size of a average wolf. In comparison to his older sister, Furie, Akota doesn't share much physical similarities, aside from sabre teeth. He has various sets of dark green strips on his front and back legs, and 3 stripes evident on the sides of his head. He has lime green fur patches on each leg, high up and close to the body, while he has a long "mane" stretching from his head down off his tail. Aside from that, Akota is a pure grey wolf, various shades covering his body. His eyes are also blue.


Akota is a happy, carefree, and very friendly Arkhaan wolf, close to polar opposite of his sister, Furie. He is usually the one to try to stop any potential violence, more keen on making friends than enemies. However, this same behavior makes his trust towards wolves FAR too high, so, while he keeps his sister from attacking every wolf she comes across, Furie keeps Akota from trusting every wolf he comes across, so he won't befriend a potential killer for example.


CAV Chapter TwoEdit


Akota in CAV

Akota first appears alongside Furie, and Motto while looking for a thief, when they come across Motyl and Ledňàček in their territory. As Furie was shouting at Led, Akota goes in and convinces Furie to revent. Akota introduces himself to them, and was about to ask about the thief, when he was stopped by Motto. Akota tries to get Motto to calm down, but doesn't work. He makes a comment about Motto, which nearly gets him hurt as such. Akota tries to convince Motto to let them go, but Motto orders him to go back to the Dojo, and leaves with Furie.


  • Although both Akota, and Furie appear in CAV, only Furie got an official cameo, while Akota never appeared in the official release.