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General information
Name meaning Diver (named pulled from Amaterasu)
Gender Female female
Age 2 years and 1 month
Elemental power
First appearance does not appear in 'Chakra'
Enemies Red, Dagger, Red's Minions
Relatives unnamed mother (deceased)
Alex (brother)
Voiced by

Ama wasn't planned to be made, but JaydenTheThunderWolf gained an idea to make a story (comic series if possible) of Alex's story that happens before the Chakra series.


In the past, she was protect by Alex (Kami, as she would call him). It was rumored that she was bestowed with powers from a different god in the lands, but now one's seen the power or have proof that this god exists.


She's just your basic teenage wolf that has an over protective brother watching out for her. She encounters a nice merchance that gives her a necklace with a cross. After a few events happen, she gives Alex the necklace because he's going to finish off the wolf named Red . What she didn't know is that this Red guy had minions that chased her, and she was too scared to fight back. The minions gave chase to her, and killer, hoping something would happen......but nothing did, and the leave with no grief.


  • It's rumored that Ama used a strange power in the Agata Forest. She told others that a strange light eminated a human that lead her out of the forest when she believed she was lost forever.
  • Ama's fur wasn't planned out, but the color scheme is interesting in a way because it brings out her personallity.

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