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Chakra: Alternate Version
The cover for Chakra: Alternate Version
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General information
Chapter number
Length --
In-story time lapse --
Characters appearing Urashima, Omen (dream), Led, Motyl, Ważka, Biedronka, Szafir, San jeon-won
Character debuts Omen, Ważka, Biedronka, Szafir, San jeon-won
Preceded by none
Succeeded by none

Chakra: Alternate Version, or CAV, is a fan-made comic of the Chakra series created by Gingacreator on DeviantART. The comic focuses on Ledňàček's youth in an alternate context.


This story follows an almost completely different path from the original story. Led, a young earth wolf, was taken in by the winged wolves after he was displaced. It took him many years later to finally be told the truth by the old shaman, Szafir. With his close friend Motyl by his side, he has to gather the descendents of the original Chakra heroes on his peerless journey. Can he complete his new found task or will the evil omen put an end to the chakra heroes forever?

Story chaptersEdit

Chapter One: Valley Of The Wind

Chapter Two: Training The Earth


  • This comic marks the first appearance of OmenWażka and Biedronka, even before they appear in the main series.

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