The Headquarters, night view.

The Chakra Headquarters, or the Headquarters for short, is the name of the den the seven Chakra Heroes live in. C.Y. and her group mostly use the Headquarters to rest and hide, since the place is well sheltered and hidden from unwanted eyes.


The Headquarters appear like a wide, sturdy, stocky, solid, ragged, hispy, rocky cave, whose upper side abruptly bends forward into a sharp, edgy roof. On top of the cave, an old tree covers the rocks that form the ceiling, and it spires high up. The tree is constantly leafless because its roots dig deep within the rock instead of fresh ground, and it receives a minimal amount of water. Scattered around the main cave, we find several small trees and shrubs. The tallest tree bends forward and its only branch bends again at its apex giving it a sort of "arch" appearance.


The Headquarters are wisely built near a shore, yet shielded and covered with vegetation so that the Heroes can keep a watchout toward the sea without being noticed. The shore the Headquarters are built on is the same as Urashima and his pack's one, only, the Chakra dens are further north with respect to Urashima's dens. Due to this fact, Konohana Island appears closer if viewed from the Headquarters than it does if viewed from Urashima's dens.


It may not look like so, but the Headquarters are wide and spacious enough to offer shelter to all seven Heroes at once. Inside the cave, there is a tiny hollow for each Hero, so that the wolves don't necessarily need to hiddle close together during the night. Motyl, Orca and C.Y.'s hollows are separated from the boys' hollows by a short, pebbly ridge. The cave also possesses a small infirmary room where wounds are treated.


  • The roof of the Headquarters resembles an eagle's beak.
  • The Chakra Headquarters changed their designs at least three times.
    • In a first, rudimental rendition, the Headquarters looked like a small American Indian village, with a teepee for each Hero, a pool at its center, and hammocks made of vines. The idea was scrapped because it was judged too "human-like", and because the Headquarters' exclusive functions were to hide and shelter the Heroes, not to provide leasure.
    • In the second rendition, the Headquarters were none other than Urashima's old dens, modernized and modified to host all seven Heroes. The idea was scrapped because the wolves could have never manually "built" or modified the dens on their own, and because Shirotora and Near were not supposed to appear again during the Heroes' adventures, so the Headquarters could not be in the exact same place as Urashima's dens.

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