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General information
Name meaning Slovak for 'Boar'
Gender Male male
Age Seven years
Zodiac sign Boar
First appearance Chapter Three, page ninety-three (peek),
page one-hundred-three (officially)
Allies Jackal, Zodiac Demons
Rivals Kuma
Enemies Chakra Heroes
Voiced by  ??

 Diviak is a massive, heavy, tall, deformed brown wolf, a member of the Zodiac Demons at Jackal's service. The presence of tusks in his mouth makes him resemble a boar. He serves under general Kozel.

Physical appearanceEdit


Diviak's appearance.

Diviak is a huge wolf with relatively short, but strong legs, short tail and characteristic hunch that makes him keep his head low all the time. He has small eyes and the left one is crossed by a vertical scar. His muzzle is crooked with boar-like tusks pointing up from his lower jaw.

His fur is short and his coat colour is brown with darker markings on his four legs, inner ears and a stripe going down his back. Only the fur on his hunch is visibly longer and stands up like a mohawk.

His Zodiac Sign: is tattooed on his left hip.


Disgruntled and annoyed most of the time, Diviak speaks rarely and prefers spending time alone. He is similar in personality to Ushi, but even more introverted than he is. He has poor eyesight, so he hates when his companions creep on him from his blind spots, especially from the rear, since he cannot move his neck freely and is forced to look straight forward. He holds a grudge towards Hest for scarring his face, and Hest holds a grudge toward him for the very same reason. He however, gets along quite well with Haan, with whom he collaborates to bring enemies down.


Before the events of the comicEdit

How Diviak joined under Jackal's rule remains a mystery.

As of Chapter OneEdit

Diviak does not appear is Chapter One.

As of Chapter TwoEdit

Diviak does not appear is Chapter Two.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. If you haven't read the comic yet, better skip this section.

As of Chapter ThreeEdit

At the beginning of the chapter Diviak steps out of the shadows and along with his fellow Zodiac Demons joins Jackal. When the leader sends Ryu to bring him the Sword, Diviak follows the green wolf down the cave and then splits up to follow Kozel leading her team to far end of the cave. But the group does not wander too far because Motyl steals


Diviak with his group, ready to attack Orca.

the Destiny Sword which urges Kozel to take steps to retrieve it.

He is seen later, when Orca tries to run away with the Sword. Diviak with Kobura, Zec and Tiikeri stand on Orca’s way, between her and a crack in cave’s floor. They intend to surround the Chakra heroine, believing that the gorge will stop her from running any farther. But Orca nevertheless manages to jump to the other side.

Diviak is seen again in the underground forest, as the Heroes are engaged in a fight with the Demons, Particularly, Diviak turns his attention to Kuma, whom he pins down in order to let Haan bite hard on the Hero's ear. He is briefly seen shortly after watching as C.Y. transforms into Ajna, while still keeping Kuma pinned on the ground. When Led orders the Heroes to retreat, Kuma punches Haan's face and burns Diviak's paws as he tries to break free.

As of Chapter FourEdit

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