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General information
Name meaning
Gender Male male
Elemental power
First appearance Does not appear in Chakra, Battle Of The Titans
CAV, page thirty-six
Allies Akota, Furie, Chakra Heroes
Voiced by

Motto is a colossal, calm, yet firm wolf whom leads a group of Earth Wolves in the Dojo.


Motto is extremely tall compared to other wolves, even to the Arkhaan wolves, standing twice as tall as an arkhaan wolf. He is covered in pure white fur, and greyish-blue coat down the back, legs, tail, and forehead. the end of his tail resembles a club, and his eyes were purple.


Motto is a calm, yet firm wolf. His usually reaction towards others is cold, hardly caring until he gets to know them, which by then, he changes minimally to more caring. He's not really the type of guy to take any jokes very well, especially when revolved around him, personally. His large size makes him a bit of a force to be reckoned with.


CAV Chapter TwoEdit

Motto first appears early in chapter two, alongside Furie, Akota, and another members of his group, looking for a thief when they came across Motyl, and Ledňàček in their territory. Motto immediately asks why they were there, intimidating Led with minimal effort. As Akota decided to ask them something, Motto stops him, explaining to Led that they didn't take kindly to mutts wandering into their territory, Akota trying to lighten the mood. Motto tells him to not lack judgment, but gets ticked when Akota says under his breath "what's the Motto with you?", to which he only calms down after Akota says he didn't say anything. Soon after, Motyl explained their situation to him, to which he decides to send the others back, so he could handle the situation alone, giving mention to their Dojo and their "Sensei" upon doing so. Soon after telling that to Akota, furie, and his 3rd college, he was asked about his sensei, Zemlya, whom he describes as the strongest, yet dangerous earth wolf that will kill anything whom gets her angry. That was purely to scare Motyl and Led to get them to leave, only finding out it didn't work. The giant wolf asked if they were sure, to which afterwards he explained that Zemlya didn't have any time for them, but was cut off by Jirwey, still hiding nearby. So Motto pulled Jirwey out, exposing him.