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Chakra: Alternate Version Edit

CAV Chapter OneEdit

Motyl is one of the protagonists in Chakra: Alternate version. In it she is a Wing Wolf, and the next life to San Jeon-Won. She first appears on Page 9 in the story, just after healing Led from his test to earn his wings. She tries to cheer him up saying that he'll earn his respect once he does earn his wings. She and Led have known each-other since they were very young, and Motyl doesn't want to make him feel bad like her brother and sister did. She feels rather sorry for Led after hearing what he has to say, but is surprised to find Szafir is there too. The old wolf guides the two youngsters into the cave where a giant statue of San Jeon-Won is kept, and tells Motyl that she is now allowed to touch the statue with her paw. The young wolf is excited and goes for it, but after touching it, nothing seems to happen. Few seconds later, however, a light emanates from the statue, startling Motyl. 

Although it doesn't exactly show it, it turns out she was the descendent of San Jeon-Won and she had gain the fighting spirit of her past life upon touching the statue, as revealed later on in the story by Led.

The next morning, Led tells her to go on ahead, saying he'll tell her family the news for her.

CAV Chapter TwoEdit

After a few days, Motyl appears with Led, whom surprisingly was very excited to be on this adventure at all. Motyl did wait though when Led began looking over the map so they'll know where to go. When Led asks her about who to actually look for, Motyl explains to him about the original chakra heroes, which included San jeon-won, Dukkara, Glacier, Mako and Eko. She only tells Led 5 out of the 7, the 2 she forgotten the names for. Soon afterwards, she and Led ended up caught by Motto's training group. Unlike led, Motyl took the encounter much better, and introduced themselves to them, helping in explaining the situation.