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Chakra: Alternate Version Edit


Wazka's in Chakra: Alternate Version

Ważka makes a major appearance in Chakra, Alternate version. He first appears seconds after making Ledňàček woke up from his nightmare. He explains to the wolf that, as a wing wolf, he needs to focus a bit more instead of sleeping all the time. He snaps at him when Led tries to talk outta it, and he starts wondering why he even bothers with Led. He takes him off to training when they get to the Valley of the wind. After Beidronka show up, they begin training.

The next fallowing day, he was told of Szafir's news that Led has to give up on his training. He was a bit mad at him for not only quitting, but also for talking Motyl with him. His anger though shifted after Szafir explained and in the end, he simply agreed to let her go. Sadly though, he also came witness to Szafir's death. Brokenhearted, he walked to the edge of the cliff and howled sorrowfully, sending Szafir's spirit on it's way to heaven.