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General information
Name meaning
Gender Female female
Age 1 year
Elemental power
First appearance Does not appear in Chakra, Battle Of The Titans
CAV, page fifty-four
Allies Akota, Furie, Motto, Chakra Heroes
Voiced by

Zemlya is a young, cheeky wolf made by Gingacreator on DeviantArt. Though she doesn't appear in the official story, she does appear in the Alternate version, also created by Gingacreator.


Zemlya is a rather small wolf, about a foot shorter than Led. Her overall coat is a silver white, her back a deep red that stretches from her head down to the beginning of her tails. Her chest also has a round dark red circle. Her eyes split into two different colors, her left one orange while the right one blue. She also has patches of yellow fur on the tips of her ears, her tail, a patch on her neck, and a yellow winged symbol on her forehead. She does have a mane, which she pins back into a long ponytail most of the time. She also has two tails.


Zemlya, despite her size and age, isn't afraid to speak what's on her mind. Due to her power, and freedom to use it, Zemlya doesn't show too much fear when it comes to threats by other wolves. In fact, she doesn't mind them getting ticked at her, another chance to show off her potential. However, that doesn't mean she could never get ticked off herself, her tempers rather dangerous. As described by Jirway, she has enough anger and power for her to topple a mountain.